BaRSAA Distribution

172 Appendix A BaRSAA

Amend Fee Schedule

171 Exhibit A

Resolution #169

Adopting Pondera County Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan 2018

Adoption of NLC Service Line Warranty Program

Resolution #166 A Resolution of Intent to Raise Water Rates

Resolution to adopt the Town of Valier's budget for FY 2019

Library Budget Amendment

Resolution #161 Homeland Security Grant Budget Amendment

Resolution #160 Cancelling General Election

Resolution #159 Budget FY 2018

Resolution #158 TSEP Application Authorization

Resolution #157 Valier NIMS

Resolution #156 Grader Budget Resolution

Resolution #153 To Raise light District Rates

Resolution #152 Intent to Raise Light District Rates

Attachment A to Budget Resolution #151

Adopting a Budget for the Town of Valier

Adopting a Vote

Budget Amendment Resolution

Adopting a Vote

Adopting a Budget for the Town of Valier

Raise waste water rates

Intent to raise waste water rates

Loan Resolution

Approving and Adopting Workers Compensation Agreement

Election of Conducting a Local Government Review and Estab. a Study Commission

Prohibit removal of utility services

Amend Fee Schedule

Budget FY 2014

Prohibiting use of dynamic breaking devices

Reapportionment & changing ward boundaries

Ballot Issue Killed

Approved Ballot Issue for Street Improvements

Require pits for new water meter installation

Approving Tax Compliance Procedures

Reamended and Restated bonds v2

Budget FY 2013

Release of Covenant

Adoption of a Spending Policy

Budget Amendment FY 2012

Fees and fines

Authorize applications

Accept preliminary engineering report

Accept environmental assessment

Capital improvements plan update

Set fees and charges

Authorize submittal of hmgp grant & commitment of funds

Pre-disaster mitigation plan

Award of contracts for phase 2 water project

Declare surplus property

Increase sewer rates

Budget fy 2012

Intent to increase sewer rates

Rescind resolution #97 & #98- debt service of water & sewer system

Commitment of funds to match DNRC/RRGL grant

Declare surplus property

Emergency declared

Adopt proposed 2011 growth policy

Budget amendments

Intent to adopt proposed 2011 Growth Policy

Adopt an emergency operation plan

Authorize submission of RRGL grant

Commitment of funds to match TSEP grant

Water system revenue bond

Water system revenue bond

Adopting a budget

Continuation of charging the 2" meter rates at Valier High School

Waive shutoff fee on unoccupied residences if owner is paying debt service

Require payment of debt service regardless of occupancy

Require payment of debt service regardless of occupancy

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