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Civic Center

514 Montana St.

Valier, MT 59486

For rental information call: (406) 279-3721


Senior Center

514 Montana St.

Valier, MT 59486


Lunch served Monday thru Friday at noon.


Seniors $5.00

Under age 60 $6.00

For meals on wheels call Conrad Senior Center (406) 271-3911 Monday-Friday before 10:00 AM.


Lake Pavilion

Located on Lakeshore Drive adjacent to Lake Frances campground. For rental information call (406) 279-3251. Talk with Celeste Kovatch.


Lake Frances Campground

Located on the shores of Lake Frances.  Follow signs on Highway 44.

Please contact public works for information on the campground:

Off Season September- May call

Shop- (406) 279-3361

John Paddock (406)289-0772

Josh Clifford- (406) 289-0773

May- September Call Campground Care Taker 

(406) 289-0774 

Valier High School Pool    Open- Monday-Friday 

Adult Swim 6am-9am                     Swim Lessons 9am-11:45am 

Open Swim 12pm- 4pm 

Admission- $2.00 Daily 

Other rates available for more information (406)279-3613

Valier Tennis Courts 

Located across the street from Miller Park open to the public. 


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